Smart connections between business and machine drive efficiency and profit


Jaume Rey, CEO, NEXIONA 

As businesses increasingly come under economic pressure, the Internet of Things promises to be a game changer enabling companies to improve efficiency by reducing maintenance and energy costs and automating processes. But how?

Jaume Rey discusses how a phased approach to building IoT projects alleviates security concerns and lets companies evaluate the true business impact of IoT at their own speed. Here are some pointers to help you on your way:

Start with a clear idea of what business outcome is required.

A major challenge to the success of any IoT project is the lack of clear definition, at the beginning, of what business outcomes are required. Are we looking to reduce costs? Increase sales? Change business models? Only before this is understood should "things" be connected.

Choose a partner who can design, build and deploy the complete end-to-end solution.

NEXIONA’s blend of IT and OT knowledge and its ecosystem of carefully chosen partners ensures the best choices of device hardware and networking technology are made at every step of the project.

Security is critical. Work with a partner who understands how to build highly secure IoT solutions.

An extreme focus on IoT security comes from NEXIONA’s CTO, Oriol Rius, who not only insists on security being built-in to NEXIONA’s solutions but also ensures it is considered in all of NEXIONA’s internal processes and reactions to security risk. NEXIONA has recently been awarded ISO27001 certification.

Get started now with your IoT project. Start small and grow at your speed.

NEXIONA’s experience encourages customers to "just do it", and start to realise the business efficiencies and improved profitability from a well designed and implemented end-to-end IoT solution.

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