Being sustainable could save businesses money


Jonathan Kini, Drax Retail CEO (Haven Power & Opus Energy)

One of the prevailing topics of the 2017 UK media agenda is the shift in consciousness towards a sustainable way of working. However, when it comes to running - or starting – a business, sustainability isn’t often a priority. Lack of time, deciphering the confusion and opaqueness of the current energy industry and prioritising other issues are all common barriers to businesses being more sustainable, but SME owners overlook this at their cost, because it can actually save them money.

There are two simple ways businesses can embrace a sustainable model. First and foremost, they can speak to their energy provider and ensure that they are using the right type of energy; Haven Power and Opus Energy are two providers that offer energy from 100% renewable sources. The second is saving money by being more energy efficient.

"Fundamentally it’s about service providers or energy providers giving control back to their customers."

There is a perception that this is a lot of effort, it doesn’t have to be. With increased levels of digitisation in the energy industry, it is becoming easier for providers to offer products and services that are bespoke to a business’s needs. Embracing this new technology will help capture data on energy usage and then it becomes the energy provider’s responsibility to present this information in a way which will allow businesses to be more self-sufficient with their energy supply.

The data this technology can provide combined with a customer-centric approach (something that both Haven Power and Opus Energy are proud to offer) ensures that control is given to the customer. This is the key to receiving a service that is simple, reliable, renewable and ultimately affordable.

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