Castles, gardens and the future of business transformation


Kent Valentine, Director and Nick Elsom, Director 

Growing business should be simpler today.

Digital solutions bring the potential to deliver an unheard-of depth and immediacy to the customer relationship, but rarely are they harnessed correctly. The reason is simple: the customer is an afterthought in the pursuit of transformation, and technology becomes the driver. And it is a self-perpetuating cycle; technology enables us to gather more data than ever before and more than we need, and, as a result, the only solution appears to be technology.

We believe in the power of well-planned and intelligent customer insights to drive transformation. These insights let us identify where the customer’s needs match those of the company. That same principle applies whether we are talking to traditional consumers, business purchasers, stakeholders or partners;  in fact, anyone who has a relationship with your business. Their needs, their issues and the problems they are trying to fix are what we need to understand.

If you take one thought from this piece, it should be "just because you can, does not mean you should". Technology is there to work for us, but only once we have figured out what the job is.

So don’t purchase another enormously expensive technology "castle" just because that is what your competitors did. Be smarter. And remember, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Be bolder, faster and more agile. Have smaller pots of money and create a garden instead – something you can tend to, grow new pathways in. React to new customers, re-plant every two years, close parts that aren’t working – and above all: plant, test and learn.

We’ve all heard TED talkers preaching the mantra of "fail fast and often". We say, if you MUST fail, do it fast by all means – but do not keep doing it!

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