How to win in
e-commerce in 2018 and beyond


Jon Maury, ChannelAdvisor, Managing Director EMEA

It’s not hard to see why customers love e-commerce. They love the ease of it, and with logistics becoming more efficient, driven by new innovations from key players such as Amazon, it’s only going to get easier for customers to get what they want, quicker than ever before.

So, what are the biggest challenges for e-commerce brands in 2018?

With the vast improvements we’ve seen in logistics over the last few years, the real challenges for brands looking to sell more online are finding the right talent and investing in the right areas.

E-commerce is moving so fast that having the right talent in place is crucial. Talent that not only understands the key trends and players in e-commerce, but that is also agile and can quickly adapt to change.

Secondly, what we’re seeing more of is the lack of backing of brands entering into new markets. If you’re looking to sell across borders it’s important to understand that marketplace. How do your new customers like to shop? How do they like to transact? Understanding the answers to these and other similar questions is imperative to succeeding in new markets..

What trends can we expect in e-commerce in 2018 and beyond? Are we now in a mobile-first world?

People waiting for the year of mobile have missed it. Mobile is now the dominant digital touchpoint on the web, so if you’re not optimising for mobile you’re missing out.

We tell brands to optimise their sites for mobile – whether that site is transactional or not. Be visible, be frictionless, wherever your customers are.

Voice commerce is another channel we’re seeing increases in, and one we’re expecting to grow. Through Amazon’s Alexa, 17 per cent of users are already shopping through their device, (according to Amazon's own statistics) with ComScore forecasts suggesting that 50 per cent of all searches will be voice-powered by 2020.

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